Dagelijkse Kost

Keep it smart, cook PFAS-free

‘Cooking with common sense’ has been Jeroen Meus’ trademark for over 12 years. The famous Belgian TV chef doesn’t believe in food hypes. He believes in fresh ingredients, classic cooking techniques and high-quality PFAS-free cookware. That’s why he joined forces with The Cookware Company to develop his own PFAS-free cookware brand.

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A complete collection

The Dagelijkse Kost collection includes a beautiful range of PFAS-free ceramic non-stick pans, which create great results on any hob. Their unique dark green design looks sophisticated and adds a touch of luxury to your kitchen. The matching Dutch Oven and roasting pan made of enameled steel are lightweight, extremely durable, and very versatile. To complete your kitchen the Dagelijkse Kost collection includes a range of heavy-gauge stainless steel casseroles and a professional conical saucepan.

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