Driven by innovation-Empowered by People

Why work with us

Healthy cooking driven by innovation

We are passionate about healthy cooking. We love innovation. We appreciate beautiful design. We care about our planet. We like moving fast. We are known for breaking boundaries. Working at The Cookware Company is not just a job. It is an attitude. Together we can build a PFAS-free world. Together we can change the industry. Our employees are our partners and our power. That is why we embrace diversity. We invest in our people. We create a place where you can become the best version of yourself.  Sounds good? Let’s meet!

Empowered by people

Together we can change the worled

With the right people on board, we can move mountains. That is something we firmly believe in. We have an open and honest company culture: we’re straightforward, we do not mince our words and we challenge you. But we also take our time to listen because we are always up for innovative ideas. Our team is young and ambitious: we do not wait for opportunities, we create them. It is about having the right mindset: entrepreneurship and agility are key. We are proud of our company, we believe in our products and we want to make a difference in every single household. We do not mind going the extra mile for our customers, because nothing tastes as sweet as success.

Empowered by people

Together we can change the world

  • International network
  • Growth mindset
  • Vertical and Horizontal possibilities
  • Agile Workspace
  • Healthy kitchen habits
  • Discount on our beautiful products

Empowered by people

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“At The Cookware Company we are a team! We want to achieve the same goal and work for that everyday.”


Marketing Manager

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“Energizing is the right word for me. A job where you get energy out of your tasks and where you end your working day with satisfaction.”


Sales Coordinator