It's time to act

Supercharging sustainability

Doing business the right way

The Cookware Company is committed to being the leading sustainable development performer in the housewares industry. Aligning our efforts with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we developed our sustainability strategy to map the full spectrum of our economic, social, and environmental impact as well as incorporate sustainable innovations in our daily operations. Our Chairman and Sustainability Steering Committee are driving the company’s sustainability goals in our global business. We have decided to reduce carbon emissions from our manufacturing and offices across the globe. We also encourage our employees to embrace a sustainability-oriented mindset and to adopt a low-carbon lifestyle, at work as well as in their personal lives. Our continuing challenge is to build on this commitment and move closer to net-zero carbon.


Climate Action

We seek renewable energy solutions applicable in our global operations and manufacturing activities. We installed photovoltaic power station on the rooftops of our manufacturing sites in China, Germany, and Italy. As part of our overall efforts to address climate change, we have reduced our greenhouse gas (GHG) emission in the production of our pans since 2017.

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Product Safety & Quality

Environmental innovations

Our vertically integrated structure enables us to effectively manage product quality and safety in our manufacturing and throughout our supply chains. Our own Quality Control Centre comprises state-of-the-art testing facilities and dedicated Quality Assurance teams, who ensure that our products fully comply with the strictest international safety regulations and standards. To this end, we have implemented stringent procedures and test protocols, encompassing product design and development, production process monitoring, internal audits and safety testing by accredited third-party laboratories. We leave nothing to chance to make sure that our products meet the very highest quality and safety standards. This is underpinned by a rigorous product quality plan, tailored to each of our product ranges. We are continually strengthening our quality management systems through internationally recognized certifications, in order to achieve even greater safety, reliability and customer satisfaction. For example, our wholly owned production facilities have obtained ISO 9001:2015 quality management certification.

Reduce Reuse and Recycle

Future-proof packaging solutions

Our designs are continuously optimized with environmental innovations. We are increasing the percentage of recycled materials, such as aluminium, in our products. Likewise, we are using more recycled paper in our user manuals and packaging material. We use recycled plastic in our operations whenever possible and available, and we aim to make our packaging plastic free-in the long term.

Reducing waste is one of the priorities of our sustainability strategy. We participate in recycling programs to keep paper, plastics, metals, and other recyclable wastes out of landfills to minimize our environmental impact. In addition, we look for ways to encourage recycling in our products to mitigate waste. We are committed to increasing the ratio of recycled content in our materials as well as decreasing consumption of virgin resources in our packaging.

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Wastewater Treatment

Reduced water consumption

We seek to implement innovative ways to improve wastewater treatment at our manufacturing facilities. Our water consumption in the production of our own pans has reduced since 2017. Moving forward, we are extending this commitment to our supply chain.

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Cooperate Social Responsibility

We care for our people

Consumers nowadays demand that producers make more responsible sourcing decisions. Corporate responsibility refers to the responsibility of our organisation for the impacts of its decisions and activities on the society through transparent and ethical behaviour that is consistent with sustainable development, the welfare of society, and in compliance with applicable laws.

At The Cookware Company, we define corporate responsibility as the company’s practices and policies that contribute to the wellbeing of the environment, economy, and society. Our corporate strategies address the needs of our key stakeholders and the communities where we operate. These also affirm the resolute commitment of The Cookware Company to respect human rights and to enable remediation for any adverse impact our businesses may have contributed.

Partnerships for the goals

Minimize impact on health & environment

One key area in which the world must continue to decarbonize is in industry. Our focus, therefore, is on areas that have high potential for decarbonization. To that end, we are pleased to announce that we joined the WWF-Hong Kong Low Carbon Manufacturing Programme (LCMP), and Low-Carbon Office Operation Programme (LOOP) in 2021. These accreditations are extremely encouraging, proving that such important programs are becoming widely known. Despite cumulative business growth of 40% since 2017, our factory in China managed to reduce its carbon emissions over the same period. Bringing together strong partners with bold ambitions, determination and a broad variety of skills is the best way to realize our sustainability targets.