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Our PFAS-free mission

A global leader in the housewares industry

In 2007 The Cookware Company introduced PFAS*-free ceramic nonstick cookware into the market. Through new technology, innovation, and sustainable entrepreneurship we completely transformed the cookware category. This remarkable journey has only just begun.

Today, we continue to expand our consumer offer with new ground-breaking products such as PFAS-free bakeware and launch the first PFAS-free small kitchen appliances. In addition to products with a PFAS-free nonstick coating, we are also introducing new table-top categories to our portfolio: cutlery, tableware, glassware, and other dining accessories. This extension from the kitchen to the table is a natural progression for a company aspiring to become a global leader in housewares.

The Cookware Company has become the trusted ‘go-to’ brand for consumers and trade partners alike who demand healthy, innovative kitchen products with outstanding performance. We are uniquely different from any other housewares company; we have an incredibly powerful story to tell of healthy sustainable cooking, and want to ensure as many people as possible globally become aware of what we stand for as a business. That’s why we distribute our brands and products worldwide through a variety of sales channels. Wherever people are looking for housewares products and whatever they are looking for, we are there for them with a wide range of healthy, beautifully designed, high performing products. Giving people the world over the opportunity to make their kitchen healthier by switching to PFAS-free cooking is always at the heart of our owners and every person working at The Cookware Company.

*per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances.

Our Brands

PFAS-free consumers all over the world

As a global leader of PFAS-free houseware products, we are dedicated to satisfying a diverse range of consumer needs both internationally and at local market level, always with the belief that everyone should have the choice to switch to healthy, PFAS*-free houseware products. Our brand portfolio is hugely diverse from local brand heroes to global market leaders.

Authenticity is what makes our brands unique, innovation is what unites them. Today, we are investing in new category development, rapidly expanding our global portfolio from cookware, bakeware, small kitchen appliances to glass and tableware, knives, cutlery and kitchen tools. Our brands offer everything consumers need for healthy, smart, stylish cooking and dining.

*per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances.

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Our Brands

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Sustainable innovation

A shift in mindset is crucial to secure a sustainable future

We will continue to lead the housewares industry towards a more sustainable future. The choices we make today have huge consequences for the next generations. Doing business in an ethical way is not just a necessity, for us it’s a passion. That is why we keep challenging ourselves to reimagine our processes, materials, lifecycles, and applications. We fundamentally want to transform the impact we have on our planet. That has been our mindset from the start.

We want you in our team

People are at the heart of our company

Our people are our power. That is why we invest in our employees. We hire ambition, encourage thinking out of the box, reward performance, stimulate growth and embrace diversity. We motivate our employees to become the best version of themselves. That’s the key to our success.

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