Our Story

PFAS-free mission

We have always had a passion for innovative houseware products. Knowing about the harmful effects of PFAS, we decided to do things differently. It was the start of an amazing journey. We invented something completely new: a healthy PFAS-free ceramic non-stick coating. We shook up the cookware market and moved the entire industry into a new direction. We were game-changers and always will be.


2005 – Anotech Manufacturing, our first production plant

Our story began in 2005 when we started production at Anotech, our fully owned cookware factory in Jiangmen (China). We were a one-stop-shop for innovative cookware materials, producing for many different global cookware brands. From the start we focused on innovative technologies. We were pioneers in dishwasher safe and hard anodized aluminium cookware, selling over one million pieces per month.


2007 – Introduction Thermolon™, our PFAS-free non-stick coating

Once we had established our own cookware factory, the next step was to search for a healthy alternative to PTFE*. It took us about a year to develop the first generation of our Thermolon™ Ceramic Non-stick coating. The coating was based on raw materials which are sand derivatives, without use of any PFAS. No harmful toxic chemicals, no nasties. In 2008 we acquired Hestia Korea, renamed Thermolon Korea. The production facilities became the global base for our Thermolon™ Healthy Ceramic Non-stick coatings. At that point we were ready to revolutionise the world of cookware. *PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) is a slippery, synthetic material that is to make traditional cookware coating non-stick.


2007 – GreenPan:  the first PFAS-free cookware on the market

In 2007, GreenPan launched with a big bang on Home Shopping Network (HSN) in the US. In only an incredible 4 hours 100,000 pieces of cookware were sold. We were off to a great start! Worldwide we became the first brand to offer PFAS-free ceramic non-stick cookware. For the first time consumers had a choice when buying non-stick cookware. With GreenPan we didn’t just introduce a new brand, but we also created a whole new category within the world of cookware.


2012 – We are The Cookware Company market

While GreenPan was quickly growing, we launched two more brands of our own: GreenLife and GreenChef. With these brands we were able to spread the PFAS-free message even more, targeting new consumer audiences all over the world.

In 2012 we changed our name to The Cookware Company, and fully focused on developing our own brands. We wanted to become a true house of innovation, driven by technology. With the new Cookware Company we were ready to set new standards and to take the lead in making our industry PFAS-free!


2013 – Loyalty department launched

As a global player ready to change the cookware market, we never stop looking for new opportunities. We want to broaden our distribution channels and that is exactly how our loyalty department came into existence. We constantly looked for latest trends in the market and created successful loyalty programs for key retailers all over the world. It was the perfect way to introduce a large audience to our own brands, as well as licensed brands.


2013 – Groundbreaking improvement for cooking on induction hobs with Magneto™ technology

From the start we have been dedicated to creating innovative solutions for our consumers, so they can enjoy the perfect cooking experience. With our revolutionary Magneto™ technology we improved cooking on induction hobs spectacularly. Infusing magnetic particles into the base of our aluminum cookware allows us to make it suitable for induction, without having to add an encapsulated base. As a result, our cookware is not only suitable for all hobs, but it is also lighter and has a more stable base.


2016 – Blue Diamond conquers kitchens all over the world

We decided to launch a new brand: Blue Diamond. It is an exclusive ‘As Seen on TV’ brand which allows us to take the PFAS-free message into the homes of consumers around the world. Blue Diamond is a range of ultra-durable ceramic non-stick cookware, enhanced with diamonds. Its ceramic non-stick coating is 5x harder and 10x longer lasting than traditional non-stick coatings. On top of that, the coating is x4 better at transferring heat, allowing consumers to create perfect cooking results while spending less time in the kitchen.


2017 – Introducing our Evershine™ technology

We take pride in our products. Not only in the way they perform, but also in the way they look. That is why we worked hard on a technology that prevents stainless steel from heat discoloration. In 2017 our Evershine™ technology was introduced to the world. By applying an electro-chemical surface treatment to the stainless-steel exterior of our products, we solved the problem of stains and discoloration. The result? Stainless steel cookware that keeps looking brand new, long after it is not.


2018 – Hello BK Holland!

We have the ambition to become a global house of cookware brands, steering the world towards a healthier and more sustainable way of cooking. But we also believe in the power of strong local brands. That is why we decided to acquire BK, Koninklijke Van Kempen & Begeer, Keltum and Gero. These established Dutch brands have an impressive heritage and an authentic story to tell. Adding them to our portfolio makes us market leader in the Benelux.


2019 – Acquisition of Merten & Storck, Germany

We do not only believe in strong local brands, but in local manufacturing as well. In 2019 we added another established name to our portfolio: Merten & Storck, a German industry peer. Merten & Storck has been manufacturing enameled cookware in Germany since 1906 and has a unique expertise in this segment. We are convinced that it is a perfect addition to our existing PFAS-free ranges because enamel is durable and environmentally friendly. We are determined to turn enameled cookware into the next big thing!


2021 – We attract growth capital from Waterland

We have experienced high growth due to a strong market shift towards PFAS-free ceramic non-stick cookware. It is our ambition to become a true leader in the global ceramic cookware market. To accelerate our growth, we began a partnership with Waterland, a Belgian-Dutch Private Equity Fund. They will provide us with additional financial resources, as well as strategic support. It’s a logical and strategic next step to expand even further The Cookware Company.


2021 – Acquisition of Lumenflon, Italy

Sustainability has always been important topic for us. Over the years we have set ourselves certain goals, such as manufacturing closer to our customers and reducing our carbon footprint, moving us closer to achieving Carbon Neutrality ahead of the Paris Agreement. Acquiring Lumenflon, an Italian manufacturer of aluminium non-stick cookware, is a fundamental step in achieving these goals. We’ll bring the production of Thermolon™ ceramic non-stick to Italy. By 2023 the Lumenflon site will be the first totally PFAS-free cookware manufacturing facility in Europe – a significant first.

We want you in our team

People are at the heart of our company

Our people are our power. That is why we invest in our employees. We hire ambition, encourage thinking out of the box, reward performance, stimulate growth and embrace diversity. We motivate our employees to become the best version of themselves. That’s the key to our success.

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