A sustainable vision on healthy cooking

Our PFAS-free future

A sustainable vision on healthy cooking

PFAS-Free is the future

Achieving global leadership in sustainable housewares products has been our mission from the start. We began by transforming the category in which we could have the largest impact on consumers health: cookware. Over the years, we transformed other kitchen categories into a healthy alternative as well: including bakeware and small kitchen appliances.

We have always been convinced that PFAS*-free cooking is the only longer-term option, for our health, and for our planet. That’s why we invented PFAS-free non-stick cookware: all the benefits of non-stick without harmful toxic chemicals. It took us time, energy, and persistence. We have fought our battles, but we did it: we transformed and continue to shape the cookware market. We created awareness among our suppliers, buyers, and consumers.

Over the years our Thermolon™ ceramic non-stick cookware has been an unrivalled success with exceptional performance, extreme durability and no PFAS. Since creating PFAS-free cookware in 2007 we have challenged and radically changed the housewares industry. The first part of our journey has been a global success, but our journey has just begun…

We want consumers everywhere to enjoy healthy cooking, which means no more PFAS. We are already expanding into new categories such as PFAS-free bakeware and the first PFAS-free electric kitchen appliances. The ultimate goal is to provide consumers around the world the chance to make their kitchens healthy and sustainable. That’s our promise.

*per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances.

PFAS a worldwide disaster

A burden for generations to come

Raincoats, food wraps, carpets, conventional non-stick cookware…There is an extensive list of everyday products that are made with PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances). These ‘forever chemicals’ have been used for decades to make products resistant to water, oil, and dirt. But there is a price to pay. PFAS are highly persistent and bio accumulative, which means that we absorb them faster than we eliminate them. PFAS chemicals stay on our planet for hundreds of years. They are in the soil, in our food, in our drinking water and in our blood. Some are even found in the blood of newly born babies. Their impact is unseen: there are literally no populations or places on Earth that are not contaminated with PFAS.

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A better way to cook

Thermolon™ ceramic non-stick

Since the start of The Cookware Company in 2007 we have made a clear statement: we want to do things differently. We refuse to contribute to unhealthy trends. We want to do business the right way. That’s why we significantly invest in our business: we have our own cookware factories (China, Germany & Italy), our own coating factories (South Korea and Italy), R&D centers, distribution center and consumer service. We hold over 150 patents for technological innovation, because we know that our market leading technology make our products best-in-class. We know exactly what our products are made of, and we make sure every product lives up to our exacting standards. Our Thermolon™ ceramic non-stick coating has proven to be a healthy, high performing alternative to conventional non-stick coatings. Its raw materials are derived originally from natural materials, such as sand and they contain no harmful PFAS chemicals.

Testing has shown that our Thermolon™ coating transfers heat faster, is more durable and performs better than the average traditional fluoropolymer non-stick. When we say we’re better, it’s because we actually are.